Your Savings and Investments

Depending on your savings needs and expectations, there are many different solutions available for you. At Adastra Financial Services, we love that you are interested in saving and increasing your own personal net worth, and we’re keen to help. We can assist clients that have over $10,000 to invest.

There are many factors to consider as each company, person and product offering provides different features and benefits. An adviser from Adastra will be able to provide guidance in identifying your goals, then information and suggestions that will assist you to reach them.

For larger investors (including companies & trusts), we are able to compile multiple investments (build a portfolio) onto one platform which we call an Individually Managed Account (IMA). The IMA accesses managers expertise at a wholesale level (reducing fees) as well as providing impressive real time accuracy, convenience and accessibility.

Please contact us now and we’ll help you to decide how best to begin a structured retirement savings or lump sum investment plan. We’ll assist in selecting an investment style that suits your needs, and identify suitable products from our investment range.

Qualified Financial Adviser

Identifies & Understands Your Goals

Expertise & Guidence

Fair & Transparent fee structures