frequently asked questions

Common questions regarding Insurance, Kiwisaver and General Finance

  • Where are you located?

    Our office is located in the JRI Building, 177 Courtenay Street, New Plymouth.

    Upon request, we do come to you and we regularly travel both sides of Mt Taranaki and beyond.

  • Why do I need an insurance adviser?

    As local advisers we can give you well researched, personalised insurance advice. We do not “work” for anyone but our clients, and we maintain agencies with most insurers. Working with Adastra means you will get tailor-made solutions specific to your current situation.

    As Taranaki people, here for the long run we make sure you are properly looked after throughout your journey. Equally important to the beginning of the process, we are here to support you along the way, especially in the event of changing circumstances or a difficult claim.

  • What happens if I need to make a claim?

    We are here to assist you with the claims process. Please contact us immediately and we will contact your insurer and get your claim underway.

  • Isn’t it easier or cheaper to go online or call an 0800 number?

    Sometimes it’s easier – but that does not mean its better. Seldom does it turn out to be cheaper in the long run.

    Insurance involves contracts, there are key issues that need to be done correctly at the beginning (before you start to pay). You may only learn if they have been done correctly at the time of claim (usually after you’ve paid premiums for months if not years).

    We do our very best to make the process easy and affordable, but we also ensure it is done correctly. Please contact us to discuss your requirements as we are a very flexible, local team.

  • How much will insurance cost me?

    Costs vary and generally premiums are calculated based on your specific ‘risk’ type. For personal insurances this means age, gender, smoking status and sometimes occupation. For property or liability covers this may mean type of business, construction of your building & its location. Due to our experience, we can often give you indicative pricing before you commence the process with us, but ultimately it is our role to present your situation to various insurers such that they can offer pricing and cover to you.

  • Will my premiums go up?

    Often yes, but the market is very competitive and premiums also decrease sometimes. It is our role to ensure you understand the premium structure of your policy, then monitor it to ensure it remains in line with the wider market.

  • Is it ok that my bank owns my life insurance policy?

    NO, but it’s not your fault and you may have been misled when taking on debt. If your bank is the owner of your policy, please contact us (or another reputable broker) as there are better ways to have your policy ownership structured to safeguard you and your family.